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Table of Contents

A behind the scenes overview of the storyline
Complete list of storyline sources

The Oldest Stuff
The Alpha Rulebook and the Pocket Players' Guides
Pocket Player's Guide Timeline
The Duelist #1-2 and The Duelist Supplement #1 (Arabian Nights & Antiquities)
The Duelist #3-4 (Fallen Empires)

Harper Prism novels
Whispering Woods
Shattered Chains
Final Sacrifice
The Cursed Land
The Prodigal Sorcerer
Ashes of the Sun
Song of Time
And Peace Shall Sleep
Dark Legacy
Distant Planes
Harper Prism Wrap-Up

Armada Comics (and related video games)
Arabian Nights #1-2
Fallen Angel #1
Dakkon Blackblade #1
The Dragon War
Elder Dragons #1-2
Antiquities War #1-4, Urza-Mishra War #1-2
Fallen Empires #1-2
Ice Age #1-4 part one, part two
Shandalar #1-2
Microprose's Magic: the Gathering
Alliances (unpublished comic)
Jedit Ojanen #1-2
Serra Angel #1
Homelands #1
Shadow Mage #1-4
Nightmare #1
Wayfarer #1-5
Magic the Gathering: Battlemage
Armada continuity overview
Walker of Night (unpublished comic)
Prelude to War (unpublished comic)
Planeswalkers War (unpublished comic)

The Duelist and other pre-rev sources
The Duelist #5-6 (Ice Age)
The Duelist #7-10 (Homelands)
The Duelist #11-12 (Alliances)
The Duelist #13-14 (Mirage)
The Duelist #15-16 (Visions)
Mirage & Visions Online
Encyclopedia Dominia

The Weatherlight Saga
The Duelist #17-19 (Weatherlight)
The Duelist #20-22 (Tempest)
The Duelist #23-26 (Stronghold)
Sisay's Quest
The Duelist #27-30 (Exodus) & Rath block online
Gerrard's Quest
Rath and Storm
The Art of Magic the Gathering: the Rath Cycle
Born to Greatness
Rath Block wrap-up and continuity overview

The Brothers' War
The Colors of Magic
The Duelist #31-34 (Urza's Saga)
A Time for Remembrance
Time Streams
The Duelist #35-38 (Urza's Legacy)
Scars of the Legacy
The Duelist #39-41 (Urza's Destiny)
Phyrexian Autopsy

The Gathering Dark
The Eternal Ice
The Shattered Alliance

Mercadian Masques promotional comic
Mercadian Masques
Nemesis promotional comic
Nemesis online
Prophecy promotional comic 
Barrin's Journal (aka Prophecy online)

The Thran
The Myths of Magic
Invasion promotional comic
Invasion cycle: the Review
Weatherlight Saga Overview

The Otaria Saga & Surrounding publications
The Dragons of Magic

Chainer's Torment

Dominarian Annotations, episodes 1 & 2
Dominarian Annotations, episodes 3 & 4
Dominarian Annotations, episodes 5 & 6
Dominarian Annotations, episodes 7 & 8
Dominarian Annotations, episodes 9, 10 & 11
Dominarian Annotations, episode 12 & review
Legends of Dominaria & Magic Story Podcasts

Supplemental Articles
Skaff Elias on the creation of Antiquities
The Official MTG Timeline
Two prerevisionist maps
A Historian's Guide to Elder Dragons
Convocations #1
The Homelands Document
The Legends of Magic
The Forgotten Archive
The Lat-Nam Kerfuffle
Of Trolls and Chinese Whispers
InQuest Gamer #74

More entries will be added as the number of reviews grows.

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