Saturday, 12 May 2018

Chainer's Torment

Writer - Scott McGough
Cover art - Mark Zug & Greg Stapels (back art is Laquatus's Champion)
Interior Art - Brian "Chippy" Dugan, Dana Knutson, Todd Lockwood, Anson Maddocks, r.k. Post, Mark Tedin and Anthony Waters
First released in January 2002

Our story begins before Kamahl leaves his mountain home and ends a while after Braids makes off with the Mirari, thus the entirety of Odyssey fits inside it, Russian nesting doll style.  

We open on a young cabalist named Chainer finding the Mirari in an abandoned villa outside of Cabal City. He feels its immense power, but as his greatest desire is to serve the Cabal, he returns home and hands it over to the organization. Before he can though, he is accosted by some Order soldiers led by Major Teroh, who want to confiscate the artifact. With the help of his mentor Skellum he gets past them and hands the Mirari to The First, the leader of the Cabal, who from then on takes a personal interest in Chainer's development.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Dominarian Annotations, episode 7 & 8

As I predicted last time, the number of annotations for the stories have decreased dramatically now I don't have to explain the backstory of all the main characters. So today, in addition to covering episode 7 and episode 8 of Return to Dominaria, I will also talk about the map that was released alongside episode 1!

Sunday, 29 April 2018


Writer - Vance Moore
Cover art - Kev Walker and Donato Giancola
Internal Art - Matt Wilson, Arnie Sweckel, Darrell Riche and Glen Angus
First released in September 2001

100 years have passed since the invasion, and our story visits a continent of Dominaria we haven't seen before: Otaria, where gladiatorial battle between magic users is the main form of entertainment.

The barbarian Kamahl leaves his home in the Pardic Mountains, where there are no more challenges for him, and heads to Cabal City, where he hopes to become champion of the pits. While there he befriends a streetwise youngster named Chainer and a huge centaur named Seton, who is fighting in the pits to get a chance to talk to the Cabal about the creatures they are capturing in the Krosan Forest. Also in the city are lieutenant Kirtar, who fights to win artifacts that his religious order, imaginatively called The Order, then destroys, and ambassador Laquatus. This last character was exiled from the court of the Mer Empire by emperor Aboshan and is now plotting to return and claim the throne for himself. He has been sneaking military forces into the underground caverns that stretch from the ocean under most of the continent.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Dominarian Annotations, episode 5 & 6

Welcome to the next installment of Dominarian Annotations! This time we'll take a look at episode 5 and episode 6.

It feels a bit like the number of things I have to explain is decreasing now that all the main characters have been introduced and the plot has started in earnest. I do want to stick to this schedule, so if this trend continues I'll probably include looks at other lore stuff released for Dominaria, like the article on making the map of Dominaria or the podcasts. For now though we've just got two new chapters to go through.

Monday, 16 April 2018

The Hazezon review has been posted!

...but for some strange reason Blogger thinks it was released back last september, and thus displays it lower on the page, underneath my The Dragons of Magic review... very odd. Anyway, you can scroll down, or follow this link to find it!

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Dominarian Annotations, episodes 3 & 4

Two weeks on, with two new episodes of the Dominaria story released. High time to see what old lore has been referenced in them, so let's just dive into the annotations for Return to Dominaria episode 3 and episode 4!

Sunday, 25 March 2018


Writer - Clayton Emery
Cover art - Michael Sutfin
First released in December 2001

At the end of last book Johan set of east across the Sukurvian Desert on the back of a drake to look for Efrava, the home of the tiger warriors. Now his drake crashes at the edge of the desert and Johan is saved from being eaten by sand wurms by Jedit Ojanen, the son of Jaeger. Using some sorcery Johan manages to convince the tigers not to kill him, and he is allowed to wander the Efravan oasis accompanied by Jedit and his friend Hestia. While this goes on Jedit's mom has a vision about the Prophecy of None, One and Two, which convinces her that Johan must be imprisoned. But the mage escapes, and with some lies about having fought side by side with Jaeger he convinces Jedit to come along with him back to the human realms.