Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Convocations #1

In response to my Armada continuity overview regular poster Leonardo asked about an Armada publication I skipped called Convocations. The reason I skipped it is because it is not a story. As you can see, it bills itself as "A Magic: the Gathering gallery" and that's just what you get: a collection of 23 art pieces. Some by Magic artists, others by comic book artists. Since there isn't a story, nor much else to review I was going to skip it. But I guess I should've at least mentioned what this product actually is, since it has a tendency to pop up on lists of Magic comics. So... I now have! But if I'm doing an actual post on it, I might as well show you some of the art.

Most of the arts are actually card combo's. This is Braingeyser + Underworld Dreams, by Mike Dringenberg.
This is Pete Venters' Lhurgoyf + Rocket Launcher + Nevinyrral's Disk + Spoils of Evil + Songs of the Damned combo. More of a general deck synergy really. 

Some more arts behind the cut.

Lord of the Pit + Breeding Pit by Douglas Shuler.

All Hallows' Eve + Fallen Angel, by Gerald Lee.

The cover of Ice Age #2, by Charles Vess.

One of the most classic combo's: Thicket Basilisk + Lure, by Brad Marshal

Ron Spencer's Bad Moon + Breeding Pit. I think one of these guys surrounding the Pit later turned up in his version of Monstrous Growth.

Lich + Mirror Universe by Stu Suchit.

Bird of Paradise + Regeneration + Instill Energy + Stasis by Denis Calero.


  1. Ha! Thank you, Squirrel. By the way, I think it's a nice idea showing combos instead of single cards. Funny, in a good way.

    One lil' typo: "Aramada".

    Another thing. Some time ago I discovered that you don't have the Rath artbook - if you need it, I could provide you the photos.

    1. I do indeed still miss the Art of Rath. If you could send me some photo's/scans from it that would be awesome! Shall Is there anywhere I could send you my e-mail address by PM?

      And thank you for the heads up on the typo!

    2. You're welcome. I modified my profile, if you click on my name and then on "Email" you should be able to contact me. :)

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  3. I continue to be amazed by how close old Magic lore tried to hew to mechanics.