Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Nemesis promo comic

Story - Scott McGough & Kev Walker (based on the novel by Paul B. Thompson)
Art - Kev Walker
Editor - Michael Mikaelian
First appearend in Top Deck #4

Another quick post, covering the next promotional comic. I've included the pictures below, but following this link to a thread on MTGSally, where it was first shared by KavuMonarch, is probably more convenient.

If you are really in dire need of a review: Again, the art is fantastic. Very dynamic, amazingly detailed. Not a single bad thing to say about it. There writing is fine, but again it is hard to really critique it when it is just a few scenes from a novel stitched together to wet your appetite. Other than that... I dunno. You can read my comments on the Mercadian Masques promo comic again. Everything I said there applies to this comic as well. The only difference is that this doesn't cover a specific scene, but combines a few small parts of various chapters. This is still an adaptation that varies from the novel version though, and as such shouldn't be considered canon. No matter how pretty it looks.

I hope this comic has made you interested in the novel. The review will be up next weekend!


  1. Is this the first appearance of written Phyrexian?

    1. I... have no idea actually... It could very well be. I haven't noticed it in earlier sources, but I wasn't really looking for it either.

      It is a bit of a weird place to debut it. You'd think that the script would have been developed during Urza's block.

  2. What issue number is this? I'd like to see if I can find a copy.

    1. It's from issue 4. I'll add the issue numbers to the titles of these reviews.